We are currently closed and working to reopen our doors soon!

Local collaborations

We work with local artists, Carbondale Community Arts, Puppitistas, and so many other artistic avenues to give our youth more opportunities to develop or investigate talent.

Media Making

Media Making teaches creative expression by engaging members in experiencing, creating, sharing and editing digital media. The project-based activities introduce members to photography, audio production, video production, and design. Envisioning and developing projects gives members the opportunity to hone their creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Music Makers

Music Makers program allows students to explore their musical interests and learning about the creation of music.

    • MusicMakers, a music education program was developed in collaboration with BGCA, along with NAMM, The International Music Products Association.

Lyricism 101

Lyricism 101 is a new program that intentionally includes proven youth development practices and creative activities that build and expand the literary skills of our teens, while exposing them to the art of hip hop, particularly cipher culture. Youth are encouraged to be creative and interweave their own content and connections into the activities.